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Do you really need a reliable workers compensation insurance new york?

workers compensation insurance nycReliability of your business depends on many factors – from fluctuations on market to your relationships with business-partners and reaching sales targets. But staff is above all. That’s why we want to draw your attention to workers compensation insurance new york. We believe that every our worker is really worth the best compliments. Because all of you work hard for only one good – the prosperity of your company. And it doesn’t matter whether you have 10 or 50 employees. You know very well that dedicated workers are the guarantee of stability and development of your business.

What is a workers compensation insurance new york?

Workers compensation insurance – is an insurance of your workers from all kinds of injuries at work and everything what can happen with them at work and can cause harm to the health and working capacity of your workers. When you buy workers compensation insurance new york, you protect yourself not only from legal actions from your workers. But also you remain on good terms with your team. Because if your workers know that they are insured in trustworthy company and they don’t have to worry about anything, everybody wins. You have the loyal workers and they have safety and confidence in future.

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Do you need to have worker compensation insurance in New York if you have no employees?

According to law, if you are the only one owner of business and don’t have any employee, you are not obliged to have workers compensation insurance new york. If you thought that this type of insurance is obligatory in New York even for operators who have no employees, be calm.

Is workers compensation insurance required in New York? (Law requires that employers who work in New York should have worker compensation insurance with some exceptions. Employers should receive and save the effect of worker compensation for all workers, even for those who work half-time and for family members who use the service of company.)

According to law, every businessman who does his business in New York has to provide his workers with worker compensation insurance. This requirement is very precise and peremptory for all businessmen who do their business and have employees. What is interesting, that half-time workers and employer’s members of family also have the obligatory right for worker compensation insurance ny. The law specially emphasizes on the obligatory worker compensation insurance for employer’s family members.

5 advantages of worker compensation insurance New York:

1. You save a lot of money protecting yourself from legal actions.
2. You don’t need to waste much money on services of a lawyer in case of something will happen with uninsured worker
3. The economy of your company will not suffer from material losses because of accident at work.
4. Your worker who got harm to the health during the work will remain loyal to your company and will continue working with you after recovering. All this will be possible if you will think of it in advance and buy worker compensation insurance ny
5. If every worker in your company has a reliable and qualitative insurance policy, you will be very attractive as an employer for potential employees. Because all potential employees will know that this company really takes care of its workers. As a result you can have the best staff for your company.

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