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24/7 working hours are not a whim. It’s a demand of time. Insurance in New York City should not be put into any time limits. The rhythm of life in New York dictate its terms, namely always to be in touch. We are ready to help you to buy the best insurance in New York 7 days per week and 24 hours per day. You can fill in quote on our website without time limits and we will contact you as soon as possible and offer a free consultation.

Very often modern people believe that the pace of life and work 24/7 without rest is good.  But we work specifically for you 24/7 online in order to let you relax.  You do not need to come to us in the office on weekends.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week you can do all necessary work lying on the couch at home.  So, let us be in touch 24/7, and we offer you advice how not to burn out on the job:

Don’t be too mobile

Do not respond too quickly to emails, because immediate response to emails teaches colleagues and clients to your high organization and  they start writing on various issues late at night or on weekends, waiting for quick response.  Such conclusion reached Leila Hawk, JD, founder of training “Coaching equalisation”.  

The same opinion is shared by Canadian expert Ann Gomez, president and consultant on “Performance Clear Concept Inc».  She is convinced that the surrounding tend to use people who quickly respond to any inquiries and solve problems of any complexity.  

Not critical deals will wait wait till Monday

Concerning the weekends, experts suggest not to rush to answer the work emails.  Try to ask yourself the question: “What will happen if I wait until morning to answer?”. Most likely, you can wait without any negative consequences.  Spend this time for communication with family, relaxation or sports, but not for coping with issues which were thrown on you as on the most responsible employee.

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