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The service of high level for our clients –  is about us. Every client is our friend and partner. We take all our clients as important partner in common business. So, when you become our client once, you will remain in our friendly business family forever.  Family values in doing business and insurance traditions of New York City are in our nyc insurance agency.

Here there are just a few features of incredibly friendly service of our agency:

Step 1

We always smile when saying to the client: “Good morning” and “Welcome to our agency”  Sounds simply, right?  But what impression do these simple phrases make?  They convince our customers that we are really happy to see them and we are very grateful for their visit.

Step 2

Our service consultants are good listeners who understand sign language and are effective in communication.  To develop these skills, there are special training.  Our consultants are able put clarifying questions which begin with “who, what, where, why, how, when” or just say “tell me about it.”  This allows the consultant of services to understand customer needs and to form a proper offer of insurance.  This detailed approach helps to pay maximum time and attention to each client.   At the same time, each of our clients ensures that we understand what he needs.  

Step 3

Our trained consultants are able to choose insurance coverages and other insurance services properly according to the condition of your situation.  Our consultant is able to give advise to each client.  Typically, customers are concerned about the condition of their insurance policies or come to us with some request.  But they don’t know what they need to solve the problem.  And here comes to help them our service consultant.  who solves all the problems of our customers with joy.

You’ve Already Earned a Discount on Auto Insurance

Thank you for taking care of my family! Your team at your NYC Insurance have been wonderful to work with.

Jessica Chaston

I’ve been a client of NYC-INSURANCE for many years. I appreciate all the infinite assistance from them. I'll recommend NYC INSURANCE to my colleagues to get Home Insurance package here!

Michelle Kim

The team is highly committed to their profession. I would recommend  NYC Insurance to anyone.

Neal Moreno
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