10 advantages of commercial auto insurance NY

Business and car. Car and business. Today these thing can be hardly imagined without each other.

If such time existed when you could do business without using car, nowadays the majority successful people consider it as integral business attribute. And commercial auto insurance NY took its firm position among other types of insurance in 21 century.

Yes. If your business strongly depends on some mean of transport, you will become more or less bounded to your car. If to speak in other words, maybe you will be even dependent from it. Just agree, it is not very convenient if from your car for work depends how your business will develop – increase or decrease.

If you do in your business the following things:
  • Do conveyance of passengers
  • Convey the property of third parties
  • Do transportation of your working equipment
  • Do regular services
  • If you sell some goods or services directly from special mean of transport
  • If you do any transportations within your business

There can be much more cases, but the main point remains the same – commercial auto insurance NY is necessary for providing normal vitality for your own business

What does commercial auto insurance NY cover?

Every business, where you should use car, is special and can be even very specific. There are some cases when it is enough to use simply the standard insurance package. But also it can be that you should call our agent and use a free consultation about individual approach to commercial auto insurance NY.

While using commercial auto insurance, you will be able to cover the following cases:

Bodily injury liability coverage

– you will receive compensation in case of physical injuries because of accident. Also such insurance includes the help in advocacy in case of victim’s death during the accident.

Property damage liability coverage

– you will receive compensation in case of property damage of another person with your mean of transport. Also you will receive the legal protection of your interests in case of your case will go to court.

Combined single limit (CSL)

– this type of insurance covers physical injuries and also the property liability, but only in set limits. So, the capacity limit of coverage of those cases is limited with some norms and can’t be increased.

Medical payments

– it usually compensates for medical expenses of driver and passenger of your car, which had appeared as a result of accident.

Uninsured motorist coverage

– it’s very interesting and useful coverage. It’s the insurance coverage in case of the driver, who had caused you material losses, escaped from the crash site. In this situation you can count on material losses coverage and compensation for medical expenses for accident injuries. This coverage is also available when the driver, who caused your losses, isn’t insured or his insurance isn’t full.

Comprehensive physical damage coverage

– compensation for car damage as a result of robbery, vandalism, flood, fire and other dangers.

Collision coverage

– compensation for car damage during the collision with another car.

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