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We offer you the new and very interesting rubric which we start on nyc insurance company’s blog – the unusual types of insurance.

In this material we will tell you about unusual type of insurance. Someone considers such insurances crazy, another one is astonished from the marketing of insurance companies, and others want to buy such insurances personally.

So, NYC INSURANCE company presents 10 incredible types of insurance:

We have chosen 10 the most unusual types of insurance. The interesting fact is that those 10 types of insurance concern to different spheres of our life – from alcohol addiction to the fear of alien abduction.

One Dutch insurance company offers insurance from unusual risks such as:
      1. Increasing petrol prices insurance.

In case of petrol price increase more than for 15%, the insurance company will compensate for the next 1000 litres. Insurance price is 19,95 € per year.

      2. Locked door insurance.

If you rush from house and forget your keys but the door locks by itself, insurance company will pay up to 100 €, depending on time of day or week. Insurance price is approximately 18 € per year or more. With this insurance policies you shouldn’t afraid of forgetting keys in locked apartment.

      3. Insurance in case of being trapped in an elevator.

If you are trapped in an elevator, the company will compensate for the lost time by paying 75 €. Price is from 12 to 28 € per year.

      4. Constant lottery losing insurance.

Those who played in lottery minimum 52 times and haven’t won a single time, will receive 2500 € from company. The chances for insurance incident are 1 to 4900. And this is quite good, if to take into consideration, that the chance to win in lottery is 1:14 mln. Price is from 12 to 28 € per year.

      5.Insurance in case of anti alcohol policy.

If the anti alcohol policy is enact, the insured person will receive 500 € of compensation. Price is from 12 to 28 € per year. Confess that this insurance made you smile :).

      6. Innocent person imprisonment insurance.

Who afraid of being imprisoned for mistake, can sign an insurance contract and receive 500 € of compensation. Price is from 12 to 28 € per year.

      7. Insurance in case of hearing NO to the altar.

Of course, for person, with whom such situation has happened, 100 € won’t compensate acute disappointment.But it’s better not to risk. Price is from 12 to 28 € per year.

      8.Insurance in case of being filmed on video camera without your knowledge.

The company offers to buy the insurance policy which will protect its owner from filming on hidden camera. If it happens, the victim may receive up to 1000 €. Price is from 12 to 28 € per year.

      9. Insurance in case of your wife gives birth to another’s child.

Because it’s clear who is a mother, but the question is who’s father. Husbands who don’t trust to their wives can insure themselves from this risk. They may receive up to 500 € in this case. Price is from 12 to 28 € per year.

      10. Alien abduction. Maybe, it’s the most unusual type of insurance.

It’s said in company’s contract that: «Insurance premium will be paid in case of alien abduction of contract signer against his will».In this case the victim will receive 5000 €. Price is from 12 to 28 € per year

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