200 interesting facts about insurance | part 1 | ny insurance companies blog

If somebody thinks, that insurance is boring, 200 amazing facts about ny insurance companies are for you.

It’s really interesting, useful, and what is the most important for somebody, it’s really profitable.

The question is how an average resident of New York treats the insurance?

Let’s agree, it’s a good . You often treat insurance as something boring, or unimportant. So, in this material we will prove that insurance can be interesting and also a good way to express yourself as creative person.

The most eccentric facts about insurance | for readers of ny insurance companies blog:
  • The first customer who established the fashion for exotic insurance policies was Ben Turpin. At the beginning of 20th he insured his eyes for the amount of $ 20 thousand.
  • The face of top model Claudia Schiffer insured yourself for the amount of $ 5 million.
  • English footballer David Beckham insured his legs for the amount of $ 70 million.
  • The famous Irish dancer Flatley Michael insured the fastest legs for the amount of $25 million, according to the Guinness records.
  • Marlene Dietrich was first who insured her voice. And it was a fantastic sum for that times – 1 million dollars! Rod Stewart evaluated his famous gravelly voice in $ 6 million. It’s also a famous practice among russian singers.
  • The most expensive insurance policy in the world is in American film director Steven Spielberg. His life is insured for $ 1,2 billion.
  • Famous circus promoters brothers Railings insured elephant and rhino, which were performing in their show, in case of death or disability.
  • One weird man decided to swim across the La Manche channel in a bath, had been insured for 100 thousand pounds before it. Insurance company excepted this risk, only made demand that drain hole in bath should be closed.
  • The biggest cigarette in the world of 110 kg weight  and almost 4 m long was insured for 18 thousand pounds at the exhibition in London. Moreover, insurance premium was only 50 penses. Maybe it’s because of the fact that it’s possible to smoke this cigarette for 339 days, as owner claims.
  • One ardent car seller from Nebraska once announced, that he would pay off premium of 10 thousand dollars to those who would buy car in december and would show it covered with snow after Christmas.
    Of course, he insured yourself from possible losses for 1,5  million dollars. One company did the same, while offering  million pounds to those who will catch Loch-Ness monster.
  • British men’s addiction to different gamings is so strong that insurance company «Lloyd» developed a special insurance policy for insurance of employer in case of 2 or more employee layoff which win a national lottery. According to this policy insurance agent covers expenses of employer for recruiting agency services.

There is a range of unusual insurances which sometimes transform from something exotic to normal things.

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