Accident insurance nyc

Life is full of surprises but not always they bring only happiness. We cannot protect you from unpleasant accidents but we can protect you from their consequences. Insurance nyc prepares you for surprise accidents and cares about you.

Accident is limited in time, occasional event or sudden influence on the insured person of dangerous industrious factor or surrounding. That happened during the process of fulfilling the obligations. As a result of which there occurred some difficulties with health or even death.

Accident is considered an injury, severe poising of plants, chemical substances (industrial or household ones), medicine (apart self treatment), drowning, asphyxia. As a result of external items or substances in airways, animal biting, including poisonous insects, the diseases of tick-borne encephalitis, electricity current, frostbite, and hypothermia.

        1. In case of accident a person has to inform the insurance company in written or other forms about the accident not later than 5 working days.
        2. Everyone has to find out the ways of preventing and lowering the consequences as a result of the accident.
        3. The individual has to provide the insurance company or its representatives with possibility to find out all reasons of the insurance case, check all proposed documents.

With this aim the insurance representative has a right to select the independent experts, direct insured person for medical examination in the medical institution suggested by insured company.

The owner of the insurance policy form the accidents may assure yourself. That in the difficult moment we will take a part of the problem.

Insuring children from accidents

It is very important for parents to protect the child from mishaps. By insuring your child from the accident you may be sure that in a difficult moment. You will have financial support for protecting the dearest. That is why it is advisable to select the accident insurance for children. The reason is that children are very adventurous so the accident may happen in every minute. In order to be ready and have a support in this case. Parents should purchase the insurance policy and have a chance to rely on company.

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