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NYC Insurance presents a project 100 ways to change your life forever!!!

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How many times in our life we promised ourselves to change? How many times in life we told ourselves that from this every day we would begin a new life? How many times you told yourself that you would say those words? Although that you would left your fears and would do it at last? I want to ask you whether you dream of beginning new life? Have you ever dreamt to start a way to success? Have you ever dreamt to make sense of your life?

I’m glad to invite you to unique travel to finding of sense of life. Together with  Insurance NY company we begin a unprecedented content-project for all followers of our company’s blog.

So, let’s talk about our plans for 2017.

Personally I’m interested in one question: ,,Do I learn in new year how not to seek again the cause for ruin?”
And is it possible in general?

It seems like life teaches us again and again, but you don’t want to see the obvious truth for some reasons. There is a strange algorithm:We go round and round during the whole life, we do the same mistakes, we hope where it’s not worth doing this, we don’t see the possibilities when they are right in front of you. Why?

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? But maybe we cheating frenziedly and with great talent ourselves year by year. Of, course. cheating. We are professional liars when it concerns us. Think of it and confess, my dear readers.

Maybe everybody recognized themselves in those lines, including myself.

How many times during the day we do self-deception? We can be honest people and don’t lie to others, it’s possible. But we always continue to lie to ourselves. And that’s because our lives are not those that we dreamt of in the childhood.

Tasks for a week from authors of  Insurance NY company:
  1. Make a list of yours the strongest fears. Write them down on a sheet of paper. Make efforts with willpower and promise yourself to do everything that you afraid of, with no regard for fear.
  2. Make a strong decision that you will never lie to yourself about self-development, career and other important things.
  3. Stop lying to yourself today that you will soon become that person from your dreams. And instead of this just make one step forward today. Write down in your schedule one hour dedicated to approaching of your dream. And start from little things. Do one little thing every day. Soon you will see how one useful habit can change the whole your life.

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