What causes the weird insurances in New York?

Where goes the tendency of modern person to believe in miracles? Phenomenon of Weird insurance ny

So, what is the Phenomenon of Weird insurance ny ?
Although we live in the era of digital technology and high-speed internet, we continue to be the same people as our ancestors. Though the trappings of our life have changed, our inner essence practically remains unchangeable. The fear of death, illness, bankruptcy, the first residents of New York who came to conquer the New World from Holland and England also had all these fears. All of them wanted to lead a prosperous and safe life, the same as we want it now…

Where do the weird insurance come from? Why is the weird insurance ny popular in one of the most progressive cities in the world?

The same applies to human faith in a higher powers and miracles. As well as our ancestors believed in supernatural essence of many natural phenomena, today also a lot of New York City residents believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life. In fact, the USA is a record holder country for the number of people who are serious about aliens and other supernatural phenomena such as ghosts and others. The tendency of people to believe in something higher can never be something bad, it’s just the thing which the majority of people always have. Well, the sphere of nyc insurance has always been up to date in order to cater for even the most demanding NYC insurance needs of its customers.

Some interesting facts about weird insurance ny

A special data for the residents of New York:

1. Alien abduction insurance
One insurance company really provides insurance not only from UFO abductions, but even from pregnancy from aliens. According to the company, there are not only ordinary people among customers, but also a number of celebrities.

It will be interesting to learn the experience of our European colleagues. Yes, Hullberry Dutch insurance company, whose headquarters is in Amsterdam, offers such insurance:

The premium will be paid if the client of company is stolen against his will from Earth by aliens. In this case, the victim will receive 5000 euros. However, you will need to present proof of abduction, including photos or references from doctors and aerospace agencies. And those who fear to find yourself in jail unjustly, can sign an insurance policy with the company and receive a compensation of 500 euros.
2. Supernatural powers insurance
nyc insurance

Where aliens are, there’s poltergeist is. The famous hotel has bought an insurance policy for millions to protect their customers and staff from the risk of death and injury from ghosts or other supernatural phenomena.

3. Private spaceship insurance

nyc insurance

«Space Ship One» became the first private spaceship in 2004. It was insured for $100 million.
4. Sea animals attacks insurance
The National Maritime Center in Birmingham has insurance policy for visitors from death and disability caused by attack of the giant Japanese crab.
5. Kidnapping and ransom insurance
Businessmen, who do business in high-risk countries, including Mexico, Australia and even some parts of Europe, buy this policy. However, experience shows that it is unlikely that people can actually benefit from this insurance if they find themselves in such situation.
6. Loss of smell insurance
This insurance policy for 3.9 million pounds ordered a wine producer of Chateau de la Garde Illya Gort from Bordeaux. London Insurance company Lloyd, which is known by the most unusual insurance policies, took the obligation to pay the compensation in case of loss of winemaker’s smell.

So, dear friends, we just read about the really unusual insurance policies which exist on Earth. The thought we would like to convey to you is that there is nothing impossible in sphere of NYC insurance. We will insure you from everything you can only imagine. All your fears can be insured and your nerves and money saved.

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