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Car Insurance NYC is obligatory not only in New York but almost in all states. The term “the obligatory insurance” appeared in the USA at the beginning of XX century and has been gradually improved.

Today, car insurance is regulated by the laws of every state. Only in New Hampshire, Tennessee and Wisconsin it is not obligatory. The differences in laws is connected with the established in that state obligatory insurances and also with the minimum amounts of insurance coverage.

Any book in insurance (it sis recommenced not to go on the road if you do not know the basic instructions) begins almost in the same way: the understanding of car insurance is the important step for you preparation of being a driver. Insurance is inevitable but necessary evil. It is the same issue as the taxes. If you do not pay taxes you may be taken into prison. That is why insurance has to be understood as something needed and required as well. Every citizen of New York understands, that car insurance in the long run may protect from the financial collapse and even jail, so he/she pays regularly insurance fee.

Car Insurance NYC

In New York it is impossible to buy a car without Car Insurance NYC. It will not simple sold to you. If you did not think about it in advance and come to buy a car you will be proposed to sing an agreement and get an insurance policy in the nearest insurance companies which commonly are located near huge automobile shops. Nevertheless, it is better to get acquainted with the market and choose the most suitable insurance beforehand. For this it is necessary to know at least the basic elements that comprise the insurance policy.

Basically, insurance in the USA includes 6 main types.

In the article we will cover first three types of Car Insurance NYC:
  • The first two types are the most important and obligatory for almost everywhere in America. It is a liability insurance of the owner of the policy for making physical injuries to himself or to other people and making material damage to the possessions as a result of a traffic accident. Every state determines the minimal amounts of the insurance coverage at the traffic accidents. In the USA three numbers are applied to show these limits. For example in California the following measures are adopted: 15/30/5. It means that car owner is obligatory to have a policy with the minimal liability insurance in case for physical injuries and material damage in calculation of $15,000 if one person suffers, 30,000 if more than one person suffers and 5, 000 for covering material damage. In New York and Columbia where the America capital is located the measures are the same – 25/50/10 and in Alaska. -50/100/25.
  • The third type of insurance is the individual protection in case of injuries. It covers medical expenses and financial lose in case of temporary disability the owner of the policy and passengers who were in the car at the moment of an accident, regardless who is guilty. The mentioned policy is important if a person who was in an accident has not so high coverage in the medical insurance or he/she even does not have it at all. If the medical insurance is expensive and provides high coverage then one may refuse of taking the third kind of insurance or take in a minimal amount. In some states, namely New Jersey, California and Washington it is not obligatory.

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