What is health insurance NY and who needs it?

What is health insurance NY and who needs it?

Health insurance NY is a contract with insurance company, according to which you pay some sum to insurance company monthly. And it, in turn, takes a part of medical expenses in case of your illness.

Medicine in New York is like in all US is really expensive. So it’s not worth neglecting insurance. Another important argument in favor of signing contract is that according to Affordable Care Act, health insurance is obligatory for all legal residents of the state. It even involves fine (average 350-400$) for absence of it.

For the record: Legal residents are considered those who are citizens of USA, green card owners, refugees, people who got political or humanitarian asylum. and also owners of non-immigration visas (including workers and students)

How to receive health insurance NY ?

  • Depending on your life circumstances and  income level, you can do in New York the following
  • Purchase health insurance by your own
  • The part of expenses takes the state
  • State pays for insurance completely
  • Your employer pays for insurance partially or completely

Which types of health insurance NY does exist?

HMO — health maintenance organizations. Price of this type of health insurance in New York City is the lowest. And all this because of very  limited number of doctors and  medical institutions, which you may visit. You should receive treatment in medical institutions of one network, and you will have one main therapist, who will direct you to other specialists
health insurance nyc
PPO — preferred provider organizations. Network of medical institutions is also present here, but is much wider. You can receive treatment either in medical institutions of network, or out of it (but in network the terms are  much more beneficial). Also you needn’t to get the appointment card to doctors. They would receive you because of policy. Buying health insurance nyc of such type is more expensive than all others.

There are also other, less popular types of insurance policies. Point-of-service (POS) involves that while using services of doctors and hospitals from network, you will pay less. Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO – is the same as PPO, but without main doctor and obligatory appointment cards to doctors.

Which insurance plans can be in sphere of health insurance nyc and how much does it cost?

Depending on extent of percentage of medical expenses coverage, there are 5 basic insurance plans:

  • platinum – pays approximately 90% by insurance company;

  • golden – insurance company pays approximately 80%;

  • silver – insurance company pays approximately 70%;

  • bronze – insurance company pays approximately 60%;

  • minimal insurance – is only for emergency situations and is available only for people under the 30 or those who can confirm that is in hard financial situation.

Also it’s necessary to remember that insurance plans stand out for the great quantity of important moments, for example: extra charge of co-pay (fixed sum, which you pay for every medical service, and the rest is covered by insurance company), deductible (sum, which you should spend before the insurance coverage will function), co-insurance (you pay a certain percent of value, and the rest pays insurance company), out-of-pocket maximum (maximum sum, spending which during the year guarantee you 100% of coverage from insurance company).

You may buy separately stomatological and ophthalmological insurance policies. Service of dentist is included only in children health insurance in USA.

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