What do you need to know before filling in co op insurance nyc quote?
What to buy: co-op or condo?

You are going to buy real estate in a period when prices are relatively low and banks offer loans at a favorable rate. You used to live in the city and you are not attracted to life in your own country house. But the idea of buying an apartment seems to be very attractive, especially nowadays when the price of rent has increased enormously. So, what is better and more profitable for you: cooperative apartment or condominium? If in the process of reading this article you decide that co-op apartment is just for you. You can fill in co op insurance nyc quote now and get free advice from our experts.

What is the difference between cooperative and condominium?

If you are still postponing filling co op insurance nyc quote, go on reading and decide on the property category that is right for you.


In a cooperative house the whole area belongs to the corporation. On its behalf all affairs and operations for buying and selling are conducted. The owners of cooperative apartments don’t own the apartments in fact but they have a certain number of shares of this corporation, which, in turn, owns the house. It should be mentioned that elected board of directors control the house and its property. The board members are shareholders of the corporation and usually live in this house. The board is authorised to set rules on the purchase of cooperative apartments, the maintenance, order and terms of secondary rent and other aspects of the cooperative activities.

In contrast to the situation with the cooperative, residents of the condominium are full owners of their own apartments. When you buy a condominium, you take complete and exclusive possession of the flat. There is also an Association of owners in condo and its board consisting of elected homeowners. The board of condominium owners has the right to make decisions only with respect to common quarters in the house but not the apartments.

Are there any other differences between these two property categories?

Maybe you have already chosen one of two property categories. If it is a cooperative apartment, fill in co op insurance nyc quote right now. And learn more about this type of house. If you still can’t decide, keep reading this article till the end.

Can the board of the cooperative directors reject the candidacy of a potential buyer?

Of course. The board has the right to do so for several reasons. For example, for financial reasons or for example if you are going to rent it out (And the co-op sells it only for dwelling). It should be mentioned that if the board refuses to accept you in co-op. For example, because of your inability to prove that you can pay a monthly premium. You usually get back the deposit paid while signing the contract for selling the apartment.

Cooperative apartment has its advantages and disadvantages. However, our insurance remains the main guarantor of your apartment. If you decide to buy co-operative apartment, fill in co op insurance nyc quote and get the best deal on insurance of your co-op apartment in New York.

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