Which types of insurance coverage are the most popular in sphere of personal auto insurance NYC?

The auto insurance market in New York City is undoubtedly one of the greatest in the whole USA. And the insurance products, which we offer for you there in sphere of personal auto insurance New york, are very different. Because, for many residents of our city the car has became the most spreaded and often the only one mean of transport. Also it is connected with the obligatoriness of liability insurance of car owners. Auto owner should have insurance policy while licensing his mean of transport, driving it, prolonging driving licence.

Nowadays the majority of personal auto insurance New york policies you can realize as insurance service package, which covers insurance compensation of car owner and third parties.

The following types of insurance coverage are available for those who have bought personal auto insurance New York:
  • Collision. You will receive the compensation for losses from car damage because of accident ( the collision with another car or object). It’s usually the most expensive type of insurance.
    The included franchise varies from 50 to 1000$ ;
  • General coverage. You will receive the compensation for losses from car damage because of other cases with the exception of written below. For example, as a result of flood, fire, robbery, earthquake etc. This type of insurance like the previous one, is voluntary almost in all US;
  • Physical damage. Compensation for damage of health which was caused in accident of guilt of auto owner, including medical expenses and unreceived income. It’s obligatory in the majority of US;
  • Property losses. Compensation for losses caused to property of third parties (car, fence, house etc.) It’s obligatory in the majority of US;
  • Medical expenses. Compensation for medical or funeral expenses of car owner, passenger or sometimes other people. Is obligatory in some states;
  • Personal injury protection (PIP). This type of insurance is similar to the previous one, but it includes the wider range of expenses. Coverage also includes unreceived income and extra supply of accident victim;
  • Uninsured / not fully insured driver. Compensation for medical expenses, unreceived income and non-economic expenses (moral injury) within collision with driver, who hasn’t insurance policy or it isn’t full. There also will be a protection in case of other car driver escapes. It’s also obligatory in the majority of US.

To our way of thinking, personal auto insurance is the way to make car usage more safe. You can be a good driver, have a considerable experience of driving and you can have the safest car. But nobody can guarantee you that some other driver, who isn’t so experienced and careful, won’t make you damage. There are many cases when it doesn’t depend on you. For such cases we recommend to buy the full insurance coverage package for your car.

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