The poor and uninsured dad and rich dad who has bought the insurance New York !

The poor and uninsured dad and rich dad who has bought the insurance New York!

Be followers of the rich dad together with insurance in New York. Also in this article you will read why Robert Kiosaki says, that the insurance New York is so important in our life.

How to use the principles of the book “Poor Dad, Rich Dad” in insurance New York?

What can I say, if you haven’t read this famous book, you should simply read it. And if you have read it, this article will be very interesting for you.
In his world best-selling book Robert Kiyosaki talks about how to learn the managing your finances. How to save money and, what is most important. How to tame money and make them work at you. That is the main sense of the book, that everyone who holds its secrets will make their money work at them. Everyone who will do it will get the state of financial security and freedom.

How does insurance New York sphere is connected with the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki?

Once Robert Kiyosaki said:

“Insurance is a very important mean in terms of the life plan of any person. The problem  is that you can’t. Buy it whenever you need it. We should predict what will you need and buy it, hoping that you will never need it. “

All coaches of financial skillfulness reduce their teachings to one thing – you should have a passive income, in other words, you should have some costs or business which will bring you profit even if you don’t lift a finger at home.



But what should you do if you don’t have a large bank account or business that brings you good income without your intervention. Do you understand, to what all the leading trainers including Robert Kiyosaki lead? They teach you to save your money and to create passive income. You should always have money for a rainy day. Robert Kiyosaki strongly recommends to buy Insurance that will cover all possible risks in your life. You understand that in terms of financial security, good insurance policy stands for bank deposit or passive income.

After all, if you want to follow the idea of the book “Poor Dad, Rich Dad”, you should ensure that any life ups and downs will not divert you from your goal to become financially independent and successful businessman. According to most influential and wealthy people, insurance is the guarantor of your future success even if you have no idea of it. Look at insurance from the other side. Discover that insurance can be your best friend on the way to a really great future. Because thousands of successful people, from show business celebrities to politicians, have assured that a reliable insurance is the key to success in modern world.

An important message to residents of New York’s from the most famous people in the world:

“I do not know any family that went bankrupt paying premiums. But I know families who are impoverished without making it. “

Winston Churchill

“If it could be my way, I would write the word “insurance”on the gates of every home and in every person’s diary, because I am sure that such a small sacrifice protects families from disasters that otherwise would have forever destroyed them. We have not only to insure human happiness, but also health and strength, which can be lost if something happens with the breadwinner of the family. And the fragile ship, on which happy family sails, suddenly will sink … “

Winston Churchill

“New York is created not by people but by insurance …
There wouldn’t have been no skyscrapers without insurance New York, as any worker hadn’t agreed to work at height, risking his life and leaving his family without food. No capitalist wouldn’t have invested millions in this type of buildings without insurance. Because any thrown out cigarette can turn the building into ashes. The cars wouldn’t have driven on the roads without insurance”

Henry Ford

“Only the insurance policy can give a person complete peace”
Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov “Golden Calf”

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