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Both we as professionals in NY Car Insurance and you dear readers are fond of fascinating and luxurious automobiles. That is why we decided to make the collection of the best cars according to top- managers’ point of view in sphere NY Car Insurance. Today we will talk about the best cars of business class in 2017. They are mostly sedans of a premium class that are considered respectable at the market. Without doubt they are the best examples of the cars today.

Lexus LS

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It is a full-sized sedan of luxury class that deserves the attention of those who like the maximum comfort and quality. It is attractive not only outside, but also inside. Everything is made for real connoisseurs of cool cars. It has a diverse range of engine. In most cases they are petrol machines of high quality.


Volkswagen Phaeton


The first car of the representative class created by Volkswagen Everything is combined here, namely high –tech technologies and classical comfort. It has been produced since 2002. This model underwent some changes. The petrol and diesel engines of high capacity is used. The most powerful machine has as a volume of 6 liters. It will drive you in less than 6 seconds to 100 km / h.


Porsche Panamera


One more German equipped by a powerful engine. Among them there is a turbo petrol machine with a volume 4,8 liters that enables to speed the car to 100 km in 4 seconds.
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It is an ideal variant for the lovers of comfort and high quality as well. The mentioned criteria are combined in this car.


Audi A8

Our Top continues with popular in the world sedan Audi A8. It may be found on the streets of our county more often. German quality in comparison with reasonable price is affordable for many individuals. It has nice characteristics. Basically, there is an engine with the volume from 2 till 6, 3 liters. Everyone without problems may choose an optimal variant. The eight automatic gear box is commonly used in such cars.


Maserati Quattroporte


The Italian beauty appears to us in upgraded state in 2013. This luxurious car cannot be noticed at the road. It is counted at grand tourist car so it has severe and aggressive character respectively. This car suits for the lovers of high speed. It is four doors sedan in which everyone can feel as a king of the road.



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The next number in our list is the favorite gangster’s seven. BMS 7 is the example of comfort and ergonomics. It is the last generation of famous sedan S class produced since 2009. Today, the producers are going to make a global restyling of this popular car. May be very soon we will see it on the roads of our country.


Roll-Royce Phantom

Here is for your observation the representative class. On the roads of our country this car is noticed quite rarely. The high price is the reason for it. The upgraded model was demonstrated to a broad audience in 2012. It is very powerful and aggressive car. The engine is 6,5 liters of the modification V12 is commonly produced with automatic gear box.


Jaguar XJ


The last car for our observation is Jaguar XJ. It is very powerful and beautiful car. It has become the ideal for many people who live not only on the salary. Currently, it starts to be equipped by not only petrol and also diesel engine. The most powerful petrol machine is V8 with 4, 2 liters its capacity is almost 300 horses.



We would like to remember that it does not matter what is a price of a car and its class without NY Car Insurance you will not be able to get it. Leave your applications or call even right now and get more detailed information about the benefits of NY Car Insurance.


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